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Industry news

Industry news

The supply and demand pattern of the tantalum and niobium resource in the first half of 2015

1 tantalum is used in the production of tantalum capacitor, tantalum powder and tantalum wire material is the key to the production of tantalum capacitor, capacitor tantalum capacitor is the best. Niobium production of capacitor.

2 tantalum used to make high temperature resistant tantalum products, tantalum ability of high temperature, good strength and stiffness, is making vacuum high temperature furnace with hot parts, insulation parts of high quality material and charging vessels.

3 tantalum niobium used in making corrosion-resistant tantalum niobium, tantalum niobium is excellent resistance to acid and alkali and liquid metal corrosion materials, can be used in chemical industry for the production cooker, heater, cooler, devices, etc all kinds of vessels.

4 niobium used for superconducting material, Nb, Ti alloy is the most widely used today, dosage the biggest, superconducting material, such as Nb47Ti, have important applications in high energy physics, is the large hadron collider (LHC), such as high energy particle accelerator preferred heavy-ion collider practical superconducting materials; Nb3Sn is second only to Nb, Ti practical superconducting material.

5 tantalum, niobium oxide is making tantalum niobium oxide artificial crystal materials, Ta2O5, Nb2O5 is a raw material for production of LT, LN crystal LT is important, LN, piezoelectric, pyroelectric and nonlinear optical materials, such as laser and micro surface acoustic wave has important use in the field of technology.

6 niobium in the atomic energy industry, the application of Nb neutron capture cross section is small, thermal conductivity and high strength, in the atomic reactor used for nuclear fuel coating materials, alloy additive, heat exchanger structure material.

7 tantalum niobium application in the aerospace industry, used in the aerospace aircraft, rocket, submarine, such as engine parts, such as the combustion chamber, combustion catheter, turbine pump and so on. Nb - Hf - such as WC - 103 Ti high temperature niobium alloy is high quality aerospace materials, as rocket nozzle accelerator, the spacecraft propulsion strength device and the nozzle valve, etc.

8 tantalum used in lining of penetrator, the application is currently in the United States, is a kind of missile, such as missile TOW2B.

9 tantalum carbide carbide additive, carbide mainly used for cutting tools, tools, moulds and wear-resisting corrosion resistant structure components, add TaC can improve its properties, such as hardness, strength, melting point. NbC also this use, performance is inferior to TaC.

10 niobium steel is the main additive,add niobium alloy steel and steel grain refinement,could improve th strength and toughness of steel,75% of niobium is applied to the field.