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Technological innovation

Technological innovation

The super capacitor of niobium wire

For today, a lot of wearable devices, a larger limit is due to the equipment itself is small, the battery will do. At the Massachusetts institute of technology researchers have recently developed a new method of power supply for wearable devices, this is a kind of offer, though short, but have a burst of energy method, it is wearable equipment operation is needed.

This new form of breach is said to be the manufacturing supercapacitors, use the material is yarn - using niobium nanowires, to use the super capacitor electrode. Such super capacitor has the moment's ability to provide high power density, the data transmission via WiFi or otherwise tasks, appear very be necessary.

And the use of niobium wire ultracapacitors must have better efficiency than the existing battery, and take up only a small space, reduce the cell size can reach 30%, this to manufacture smaller wearable equipment is helpful.

researchers say, is that the new super capacitor contains large volume power density, moderate energy density and low power consumption of the different design, are prepared for the future of wearable devices. Add material has elasticity, flexibility for wearable devices more help. Now the team is going to solve is how to make the material manufacture more simplified, is also realize the commercial in the future. Maybe after smart watches can have a better performance in terms of life