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Industry news

Industry news

The homegrown porous tantalum rod has displaced imported production

Tantalum is an ideal biocompatibility material, because there is no side effect to human body  when it is in direct contact with  demic bones, muscles, nerves, blood vessels,humor.

Porous tantalum metal bar is also called metal trabecular bone, Due to its porosity is larger , close to human trabecular bone porosity; Its elasticity is close to human body skeleton of elastic

So it can make human body bone growing well in metal tantalum rod pore, make human body skeleton and metal tantalum rod in one integrated mass.  Thanks for its biocompatibility, it is no side effect to human body, therefore they are widely used in making bone plate, screw, clamp rod, and so on when human is fracture, it can be also reduce the bone directly with tantalum sheet and porous tantalum, with tantalum rod insteading of broken bones.

  With our country entering an aging society gradually , the old man's disease has become the social problems which need to be solved in the first place. Many elderly people are suffering from bone diseases, such as bone degenerative diseases, bone tumor and osteonecrosis, orthopedic diseases. The porous tantalum metal which is the important biological materials is monopolized by foreign technology , so there is an expensive medical costs in our patients to heal. In order to change this situation in our country, the porous tantalum metal belongs to Chinese independent property has successful development. It can  greatly reduce the half of cost of patients when our products are applied in the process of the operation with osteonecrosis of the femoral neck fracture, bone defect and spinal fusion surgery.

Domestic porous tantalum metal material successfully applied in medical field, will make our country to design independently exogenous bone which is more suitable for China, and make the  patients get the best treatment.