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Industry news

The current analysis and development trends of the Tantalum

The form of tantalum and niobium minerals is very complex and diverse. The main minerals which contain tantalum are tantalite, euxenite and microlite. Scruff with tantalum is the one of the important sources of tantalum. At the present , the determined tantalum reserves is 364,000 tons all over the world, the tantalum resource content of Australia, Canada, Brazil and Africa accounted for 85 per cent of the world. Including, the highest content of tantalum reserves is in Australia which in the first place of the world.

The mining of tantalum resource. The Sons of Gwalia company located in Perth, Australia, runs two mines. It is one of the world's largest tantalum ore mining manufacturers. The tantalum ore reserves of Sons of Gwalia company accounted for about 70 per cent of the total reserves of tantalum ore in the world. So far, it can provide more than 50% of the global tantalum raw materials. In addition, Canada, Brazil, China and South Africa are also important tantalum producer. Tantalum in Thailand and Nigeria is extracted from tin furnace smelting. The two tantalum mining capacity is very big, enough to meet the needs of tantalum industry while other tantalum mining capacity accounted for only by 10% ~ 25%. According to current statistics, most mine in the world is located in the region which is political instability or at the age of cold or difficult to mining of strip.

The status of niobium resources. The proven reserves of Niobium resources in the world is about 11.5 million tons, The known niobium ore content is about 19.8 million tons, niobium reserves in Brazil accounting for 91.1% of the world's niobium reserves. CBMM, Catalao of Brazil and Baker of Canadian are one of the major suppliers of niobium and niobium ore products

Tantalum and niobium are good electronic functional materials and also indispensable metal materials to the high-tech industry. Tantalum sheet, tantalum tube, tantalum wire , tantalum plate , tantalum crucible, tantalum target and so on are important forms of products, with the development of science and technology progress. Tantalum and niobium as important functional materials apply to many high-tech field, the demand for tantalum niobium from all walks of life, at the same time, the performance requirements are also constantly improve, the market prospect is good. Tantalum and niobium metal smelting. Therefore, the continuous improvement of technology and processing technology is an important task of large metal processing industry in the future. Through our efforts, China will have a new development of tantalum and niobium industry.