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Industry news

Industry news

Super rhenium-alloy blade led China space industry towards the international advanced field

Super rhenium-alloy blade is the key materials to make aviation engines and industrial steam turbine. The independence of it will greatly narrow the gap with the international advanced aeroengine level. There has a positive role for localization aviation industry and internationalization strategy.

For a long time, the aircraft engine is the biggest obstacle of Chinese modern fighter aircraft equipment, because in the world's advanced engine development, high temperature alloy material consumption has accounted for 40% ~ 60% of the total engine. Can say, no high temperature alloy, there is no advanced aircraft engine today. So, the high temperature alloy material also is known as the "cornerstone" advanced engine.

Nickel base single crystal superalloy is in isometric and directional column crystal superalloy developed on the basis of a kind of advanced engine blade material. Compared with other high temperature alloy, nickel base single crystal superalloy is possessed of more excellent comprehensive performance, become sages high than aeroengine critical materials.

A major weakness of China's aircraft engine industry lies in the turbine blade manufacture and process standardization. Is really close to the PW - 100 technical level. But the trouble is that some of the details, if China's aviation industry can't fully grasp the military specifications quality control process, it is hard to produce enough high quality engine, to really reduce China's dependence on Russia's high performance tactical aircraft jet engines.