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Industry news

Chinese research into special stealth radome materials ranked third in the world

Original title: real business innovation-driven ground - remember AVIC special director Zhang Xi

To vigorously promote scientific and technological innovation projects, strengthen pre-research and basic technology research, special being issued a "Decision on Strengthening the cutting-edge technology and basic research" to promote the reform of the system and mechanism, set up a special pre-research centers and Chief Engineer Office, efforts to promote technological innovation and enhance the core competitiveness. Development of the national team as an electromagnetic window Pilot, Zhang Xi and grasp the opportunity to focus the world's cutting-edge, technology actively seize the high ground, led by the technical team metamaterial technology research and compiled the "Introduction metamaterial," a book. Publication of the book, to achieve a breakthrough metamaterial technology where special monograph aspects of the technical basis of special research areas where the metamaterial, but also on our metamaterial technology research and development has played a catalytic role.

Courageous and Zhang Xi in the "second" in the process, as he carried out 30 years ago, "an artificial medium radome" tireless developed when, as he was 20 years ago, against all the odds, decided to take on R & D when cyanate ester resin confident, as he was 10 years ago, decided to carry out the vision of independent special stealth technology research. Assuming key issues, he has traveled all over the country, from the technical research to scientific research; continuous fatigue and low temperature test environment, but has caused his facial nerve paralysis. When China became the country after the United States, Germany and a third of the artificial medium successfully used in aircraft radome; when radome professional technology system continued to improve, increasing technology intellectual property; when the progress of the process and the pain and joy wash when you are tired; we felt his esteem, tireless pursuit of the spirit of exploration and innovation, selfless attitude.

Over the years, Zhang Xi bear the heavy duty models, in addition to the completion of the national key high-quality model development and delivery of the task, he also encouraged the development of civilian market electromagnetic windows and structural parts, and actively promote civil aircraft radome and structural parts of the development and production and maintenance and other project work, including major national special C919 aircraft radomes, national high-tech industry development projects ARJ21-700 regional aircraft radomes and composite structural parts. His solid work, and vigorously expand the Institute for civil aircraft maintenance business, and actively search for models currently on the market is operating maintenance work, the expansion of civil aircraft maintenance capability list; ARJ21 actively preparing applications for structural repairs, for possession of civil aircraft maintenance market more lay a solid foundation for a large share.