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Zhuzhou Newmetal Materials Co., Ltd is a refractory metal manufacturer specializing in the raw material and deep-processing product of tungsten heavy alloy, tungsten copper alloy and tungsten carbide wear parts. 

• We have conquered the technological difficulties in welding between the tungsten carbide wear-resistant material and stainless steel-based and iron-based. The geometrical tolerance of weldment can be controlled in level A.

• Relying on powder metallurgy institute and engineering materials institute of Central South University, We have established a production-learning-research base to provide powerful technologic support for products R&D. And we have the whole production equipment from mixing to finish machining, including the world’s most advanced cold isostatic pressing machine which can manufacture the widest and longest plate.

•Our 21 technicians, 10 after-sales personnel and 120 manufacturing workers are all heartedly at your service.